Why I Want To Reimagine HR

Do you know what it feels like to be in a toxic work environment where you feel under-valued, disconnected, disempowered and uninspired? You try to adapt.  You try to conform to the “way things are done around here” but start to doubt your own abilities because you don’t seem to be achieving anything. You lose confidence. You struggle to get motivated for work in the morning. You work harder and longer hours to try and figure out “what’s missing” but you come up blank.  And your manager knows it. They tell you they “want to have a chat”. You’re broken and don’t understand why you have been a top performer everywhere else, but here. People need happiness and optimism if they are to perform and thrive in their work. If we reimagine HR’s role, and humanise our approach, we can change lives.

Meet Trina Sunday

A game changer actively looking for, experimenting with and implementing new HR thinking that leads to significant positive organisational change. 

Trina Sunday

Trina Sunday

Chief Executive Officer

 In addition to being a coffee addict I spent 15 years working in operational and strategic HR roles.  I have worked in every area of HR, spent 12 years in senior leadership positions, including management of organisational development functions.  I appreciate the complexity of HR leadership roles and the resistance to change that can be experienced. It’s time for a different approach. 

After finding myself one of those “toxic” work environments I made a life changing decision and moved to Asia.  Whilst based in Cambodia, I worked with global organisations and supported clients in SE Asia. The best-of-the-best came to Cambodia to fulfil their corporate social responsibilities, and I got the benefit of liaising with companies and people that I would never have come across here in Australia. 

For the last 5 years I have been working with clients across Australia and Asia to drive meaningful change. It’s time to do things differently and I’m excited to bring together the thought leaders to make change happen.

Reimagine HR combines human resource management experience with solid business acumen to build credible, creative and high-impact HR functions.


Bachelor of Commerce

 Triple threat. Marketing. Management. Human Resource Management.

Additional Qualifications:


Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training 


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)


The MBTI® instrument enables personal transformation by giving people a powerful tool for improving how they communicate, learn and work.

Life/Group Styles Inventory (LSI/GSI)


The LSI is used to initiate positive changes in how people approach their work and interact with others—changes that can increase both their personal and professional effectiveness.

From Our Clients

We love working with diverse clients from different industries, sectors and countries – feel the love!

“I’m very happy to recommend Trina’s services as a strategic HR consultant. I have engaged Trina on a number of projects and I’m always confident in her advice and support.”
Micaela Cronin

Chief Executive Officer, Hagar International

“Trina is very result-oriented and always displays a high degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition. She has proven herself to be a very supportive to colleagues and clients. She works independently and flexibly to complete projects.”
Sotheara Taing

Operations Manager, Cambodian Children's Fund

“Trina coached me through my LSI leadership feedback, her ability to provide both constructive and insightful feedback was invaluable in enabling me to get the most out of this experience.”
Tony Dennis

Safety and Health Manager, Western Power

“The Board was very pleased with her strategic planning outcomes and engaged Trina to helps us with an HR transformation to create the most effective structure for the school. “
Barry Sutherland

Director, International School of Phnom Penh

“Trina was brilliant at understanding the different backgrounds of the staff and making sure they understood and fully bought into the strategy for lifting the organisation to the next level. Her sharp sense of humour was just an added bonus.”
Jamie Gill

Marketing & Communications Manager, Cambodian Children’s Fund

“Trina project managed the 3rd Global Alumni Convention which attracted 2000+ participants to concurrent business and career events, with a gala dinner attended by 1000 guests. She also facilitated one of the panel discussions at the business forum on Attraction and Retention and received great feedback from attendees.”
Neil Wilford

Operations Manager (2017), IDP Education Cambodia

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Trina has spent over 20 years working in Australia, Asia and the UK in Human Resources, Organisational Development and Events Management. She is an "imagineer" skilled at implementing new and creative HR ideas in a practical way. She draws on her networks, qualifications, experience and influencers to reimagine a more business savvy HR in future.