COVID-19 has thrown HR into the unknown.

Has your HR team:

  • Been in constant crisis management since COVID hit? 

  • Been busily mobilising new work arrangements in response to COVID, while keeping up with operational HR services and managing end of financial year, all at the same time? 

  • Been feeling like there’s no time to review your effectiveness, no time for strategy, no time to plan, and no time to embed HR innovations that have evolved from COVID?

Would you like to:

  • Help your HR leaders to take a step back, assess the current situation and understand the organisation-wide impacts that COVID has had.
  • Get input from your business leaders on what’s working and what’s not, and how you can re-engage your teams moving forward.
  • Give your HR team an opportunity to reconnect, re-strategise, and get re-inspired to create something new so that you can move forward with clarity, structure and confidence.

It’s time for a new narrative in HR.

Are you ready to create something better?

Our hyper-focused consultative process is designed to put a spotlight on what it will take to lift your HR function to the next level.

How our Reimagine HR Workshops can help you

  • We’ll share the latest HR insights and trends from Australia and the globe with you. You’ll get a clear picture of the impacts of this for your organisation and what you can do to get ahead of the game.
  • We’ll help you to make sense of what just happened. We’ll take a strategic look at where you are now and where you want to go next. 
  • We’ll help you to keep the conversation going with your business leaders so that you can act strategically and decisively, instead of reactively.
  • We’ll get you the clarity and structure you need. You’ve been invested in helping others in recent times. Now it’s time we focus on helping you to get what you need.


90-minute strategy session 1:1 with HRM

We help HR Managers get an understanding of what the old and the new HR looks like for them. You will receive a synopsis after our session so you can see the current thinking on the page and start to structure a compelling narrative around the need for HR change in your organisation. Click HERE for more information.


½ day workshop between HR & Senior Managers

We bring HR and leadership together to discuss the impacts of COVID-19, lessons learned and what leaders think are opportunities for change. After the workshop you will have a high level framework for your organisation that assists your HR team to lead the way for the “new normal”. Click HERE for more information.


1½ day workshop with your HR Team

We assess the impact of COVID-19, review previous HR plans, identify opportunities for change, build capacity, and reconnect as a team. Its critical for the whole team to be able to engage and take a step back as they reimagine what HR practices might look like in a changing world. Click HERE for more information.

Why engage Reimagine HR?

Because COVID-19 has given you the opportunity to give your organisation the HR it really needs.

Through our consultative process we will identify opportunities for the organisation, leaders and HR to work together to make positive HR change happen.

Meet your facilitator


CEO Reimagine HR

Trina has 20 years experience working in Human Resources, Organisational Development and Events Management.

She’s worked in the UK, Asia and Australia and uses her unique experiences and networks to generate and apply new HR thinking.

She loves working with HR teams and business leaders who want to do things differently.

She has a global perspective; a love of people practices; and is all about helping people to experience happiness and high performance at work.

Trina is an experienced facilitator and HR consultant. Her HR consultancy firm Reimagine HR is based in Perth and serves clients across the Asia Pacific region.

Trina recently designed and facilitated workshops with our leadership team to review our core values. Our CEO and senior managers were the most engaged we’d ever seen them and the feedback has been amazing.  Trina was prepared, outcomes-focused and highly collaborative. She can think on her feet, absorb large volumes of information and reads people and team dynamics well. She also brought a sense of humour to the room that helped people want to be there.  I would highly recommend Trina as a workshop facilitator.
Director Corporate Services

Local Government

Learning from COVID

During the COVID-crisis many organisations saw increased agility, productivity, collaboration and innovation.

  • What was being done differently that you want to keep doing?
  • What processes “dropped away” that nobody missed since they were gone?

The COVID-crisis saw Human Resources move faster in the last 20 weeks than it has in the last 20 years.

  • What processes were streamlined and simplified to enable faster decision making and action?
  • What cross-functional collaborations (eg with marketing, finance and IT) resulted in more swift and resourceful solutions?

The COVID-crisis put a spotlight on leadership.

  • How do we ensure ongoing empathy, accessibility, connectedness and communication from our leaders?
  • How do we address lack of trust?

Reimagine HR works with the HR community to explore new thinking and practical ways of supporting businesses in this complex, uncertain and fast-paced world. If you know that you want to make HR change happen, then Reimagine HR has the expertise, tools and guidance to get you started.

Workshop Pricing

Given the support clients have been seeking as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic we are extending our end of financial year pricing for all bookings received by end of June.

Prices for individual elements that
can take your HR function to the next level.


90-minute strategy session 1:1 HR Manager / Consultant

Current state analysis

Impact of COVID-19

Future of work

Barriers to change

SYNOPSIS of change story

$450 + GST


½ day combined workshop HR & Senior Managers

 Impact of COVID-19

Leadership lessons

HR: past v crisis v future

Business drivers for change

FRAMEWORK to align strategy

$1990 +GST

HR Workshop Facilitation


1½ day immersion workshop with your HR Team

Team building & insights

Impact of COVID-19

Exploring new HR thinking

Strategy planning

ROADMAP to HR growth

$4500 + GST

EOFY price for the complete 3-step package

$4500 +GST

SAVE $2440 if you book the complete 3 step package this financial year.

You are essentially getting the HR strategy session and combined HR/Leadership workshop for free!

Limited Offer Ends Soon!








Book and pay a deposit before 1 July 2020 to access our special end of year price.
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