HR Breakthrough Experience

Personal Profiling | Two-Day Workshop | HR NETWORKING

Wed 16th – Thu 17th March, 2022

Quest South Perth Foreshore

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Be inspired to lead the meaningful change you want to see in HR and your own career.

Are you passionate about doing HR differently?

Are you looking to make a bold career move?

Are you looking for some inspiration and a fresh perspective?

You’re not alone. And we’re here to help.

Along with some new allies. And some new thinking.

The HR Breakthrough Experience is an opportunity for experienced and capable HR leaders to come together with other HR game changers to:

    • Acknowledge and release stress from the ongoing global pandemic
    • Get inspired about the work you do, and the impact you have
    • Discover and embrace new HR thinking
    • Get clarity on the kind of HR leader you are, or want to be
    • Strengthen business and marketing knowledge and its integration into ongoing practice
    • Understand the environment, skills and tools for high-impact HR
    • Build networks and connections with like-minded HR professionals who can validate where you’re at, and where you’re heading
    • Create pathways to breakthrough so positive HR change can happen and be sustainable

What previous participants have to say about their HR Breakthrough Experience

Trina is an excellent facilitator, she keeps everyone attentive and engaged and asks some really thought-provoking questions about how we operate and look to improve HR practices and discussing contemporary case studies/ best practices.

Genevieve Brownhill (June 2021)

Understanding how I can add value as a consultant in the HR space and leverage my expertise to disrupt a profession that needs to change. This has given me more confidence & self belief to push into this space.

Matthew Thomas (June & Aug 2021)

There’s also so much excitement I am still digesting – so many ideas and gold nuggets floating around. I almost think I should have taken the day off to reflect and digest the awesomeness of the past two days… thank you so much Trina for igniting the game changer in me.

Hanri Potgieter (August 2021)

Trina Sunday

Trina Sunday, CEO Reimagine HR

Trina has 25+ years experience working in Human Resources, Organisational Development, Marketing and Event Management. She’s worked in the UK, Asia and Australia and uses her unique experiences and networks to generate and apply new HR thinking. She loves working with HR teams and business leaders who want to do things differently. She has a global perspective; a love of Cambodia, coffee and champagne; and is all about helping people to experience happiness and high performance at work.

From Disruption To Breakthrough

Personal Profiling

We use the Enable-HR Profiling system to identify your superpowers for driving great HR

Two-Day Workshop

Packed full of insights, sharing, reflection, tools, frameworks, exploration and networking

Community of HR Game Changers

Ongoing connection and support from like-minded HR leaders looking to do HR differently.

HR Breakthrough Experience

Trina guides experienced and capable HR leaders through a process that identifies how they can take HR, and their career, to the next level. The program is for HR game changers who:


    • Invest in themselves and commit to ongoing learning, self-discovery and growth because they know the genuine difference it makes.
    • Aspire for HR to be a more influential, valued and respected business function that powerfully drives performance and culture.
    • See value in being strategic and business savvy in their approach, their activities and their behaviours because they understand this amplifies their voice and place in an organisation and that’s essential for people success.
    • Benefit from being in the company of other HR leaders who spark curiosity, share insights and support each to reimagine, creating and implementing a new approach to HR.

Your HR Breakthrough Experience

Trina leads you through three core elements:

Enable-HR Profiling System
Personal Profile, 1:1 Debrief with Trina, Optional 360° tool available

In-Person Workshop
16-17 March 2022, Quest South Perth, 8.30am-4.30pm, Sundowner On Day 2

Ongoing Community of HR Game Changers
Networking Events, Facebook & LinkedIn Groups, Ongoing Support

HR Profiling System

Reimagine HR is the first and only organisation in Australasia to be using a bespoke HR profiling system in collaboration with Enable-HR in the UK.

The tool evaluates what makes great HR and allows participants to get clarity on what is required for HR – that is, the activities and behaviours that will deliver the results you need.

You will complete the survey (allow 45-60mins) and receive a personalised 1:1 virtual debrief with the HR Breakthrough Experience leader Trina (that’s me!) prior to the workshop.

An optional 360° survey will also be made available to participants in order to gather feedback from stakeholders after our two-day workshop.

Two-Day Workshop

Day 1: Breaking The HR Rules
  • Insights and levers for change from the Enable-HR Profiling System.
  • What great HR looks like, and if we are already it?
  • We look at global HR game changers.
  • Reimagining HR. If throwing out the traditional HR rulebook, what we would do differently?
Day 2: Creating Impact
  • We look at the conditions that are needed for us to be high-impact.
  • We look at critical personal skills and how we can best leverage them.
  • We identify how to get Executive to take a seat at your table.
  • We look at what it means to be a HR game changer and reflect on your appetite for doing HR differently.

New HR Community

Become a Member of a Community of Motivated HR Game Changers

  • Connect with like-minded HR professionals both in the room and at our sundowner on Day 2 of the workshop. Great company, good views and quality champagne.
  • Stay connected online through our HR Game Changers Facebook Group and via LinkedIn.
  • Be the first to hear about the latest HR insights and stories from the inside. You will be the first to receive invitations to future opportunities to network and collaborate.
  • A community of people, including me, who know what it’s like to be in your shoes and who you can reach out to for guidance and support.

What to expect?

During this two-day HR Breakthrough Experience together we will explore personal profiles, ideas, concepts and practical tools.

The experience is a blend of personal, HR and business development.

We will actively build knowledge

About ourselves, human resources and business

We will enhance our critical skills

There is nothing ‘soft’ about our critical superpowers

We will definitely expand thinking

Tapping into global resources and sharing insights

We will make valuable connections

Meaningful ones, with people who inspire and support us

What is a game changer?

  • A game-changer is an individual or team that significantly alters the way things are done as a whole.
  • Game-changing individuals often use their personality traits and attitude to spark change.
  • Leaders who are game-changers look for new HR approaches that enable organisational agility, innovation, productivity and teamwork.
  • Becoming a game-changer requires time, determination, and the ability to ride out any uncertainties.

Does that sound like you?

Or, like many do you doubt your ability to be the game changer you desire to be…

Either way, the HR Breakthrough Experience is for you!

Reimagine HR are first class. Trina has a brilliant approach that combines being inspiring with deep pragmatism in making sure HR teams are delivering at their best. She is a very savvy analyser of an organisational culture and can see how to improve it and – more importantly – drive those changes through.
Jaime Gill

Not-For-Profit Sector

Trina is a true thought leader in her industry and very passionate about redefining HR. She is understanding and compassionate while being incredibly results-driven and action -oriented – she gets stuff done. If you want to get some powerful strategy for your business and a practical plan to reach your HR goals, Trina is your woman!
Kate de Jong

Private Sector

Trina’s ability to drive increased capability through coaching of leaders and HR teams alike is fantastic. Cutting through unnecessary jargon that often clouds HR comes naturally and really elevates her workshop facilitation. Her focus on employees as people, who should be treated as such, is very refreshing and is epitomised by her very personable manner.
Marc Hall

Public Utility

Our Approach

Reimagine HR is passionate about building HR teams that are capable, confident and high-impact.

We work in collaboration with Enable-HR who have researched what businesses want from HR and distilled this into the activities and behaviours that drive successful relationships and results.

The HR Breakthrough Experience provides a framework to understand and evaluate how HR operates, and then to align, develop and inspire HR people.

Are you ready to get inspired and get results?

Meet Trina, your facilitator

CEO | HR Game Changer | Consultant | Strategist

My strength is my holistic HR-Marketing-Business experience.

My passion is new thinking and enabling meaningful HR change.

My approach is to work collaboratively-in-leadership with motivated HR professionals.


In Person

  • Mum, wife, daughter, sister, friend, mentor and colleague.
  • Water baby who grew up on the beach with interests in sailing (Australian team back in the 1990s), paddling (Avon Descent enthusiast on 2 occasions) and scuba diving (that’s just for fun).
  • Avid traveller who thrives on adventure, diversity, meeting interesting people and having new experiences.
  • Strong desire to help others with support, resources and mentoring currently provided to superstars in Cambodia, Kenya and Nigeria.
  • Art aficionado with a passion for street art and photography.
  • Coffee and champagne enthusiast.

On Paper

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing, General Management and HRM) from the University of Western Australia
  • MBTI® Step I & II Certification
  • Human Synergistics Accreditations: Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI 1 and 2), Group Styles Inventory™ (GSI), Organisational Culture Inventory (OCI), Customer Service Styles Survey (CSS) and Organisational Effectiveness Inventory (OEI)
  • 20 years experience in HR & OD, 12 of those years in senior HR manager roles
  • Global consulting clients and previous experience in marketing, PR and events management.

My Breakthrough

I have been obsessed with HR Disruption over the last 7 years. It started after leaving a senior HR leadership position in a very toxic organisation. I had been banging my head against a brick wall, seeing my fair share of eye rolls, getting excluded from critical business discussions and struggling to get traction for changes to people practices.

It was exhausting and demoralising.

My organisation saw no value in HR. They didn’t respect our contributions. They didn’t really care about people. In their eyes we lacked capability, credibility and added no value.

Whilst it wasn’t true. It was what they believed.

I was determined to find a way to change the perception. I was committed to building a platform for HR change, genuine change that is sustainable and impactful.

I spontaneously moved to SE Asia and spent the next 4 years working on some of the most challenging, interesting, impactful and inspiring work I have ever done.

I took time to learn, explore, experiment and engage. I passionately spoke with clients, HR and business leaders to find out what “good HR” looked like. To them.

I found out how to breakthrough the barriers that had been stopping me from making the impact I wanted. I got the insights and built the tools that allowed me to become an HR game changer.

I also got to road test these tools and ways of doing HR differently during the biggest disruption HR has seen yet. The global pandemic.

I want to continue to help and inspire other HR leaders to have that same breakthrough experience.


Personal profiling assessment (online) in the weeks leading up to the event

1:1 Virtual profiling debrief with your facilitator Trina Sunday prior to the workshop

Two-day in-person workshop 16-17 March 2022 at the Quest in South Perth, with spectacular views of the Swan River and Perth City.

Morning and afternoon tea for both days of the workshop

Fully catered lunch (dietary requirements can be accommodated if notified in advance)

Networking Sundowner at the conclusion of the workshop. Enjoy drinks and canapés with your colleagues while overlooking the Perth City skyline

Surprises to enhance your breakthrough experience

HR Mastermind Bundle price for participants interested in continuing their journey through Reimagine HR’s group mentoring program for senior HR leaders. A small, collaborative cohort of HR game changers looking to learn, grow, support and challenge one another. Contact us to learn more (save $499 when you book the HR Mastermind).

Your Investment

The earlybird price is $1,999 (inclusive of GST) after which the 2022 price of $2499 will apply.

Registration is payable prior to the Enable-HR profiling assessment and workshop.

Payment plans available on request noting they incur a $50 processing fee.

Be the Change!

About Reimagine HR



    • GAME CHANGERS experimenting purposefully to have a significant positive impact on people’s lives.
    • GLOBAL CITIZENS who value cooperation to solve interconnected challenges.
    • LEADING WITH LAUGHTER to positively transform work environments.
    • OPEN-MINDED to welcome new ideas, disruptive conversations and information that help us to challenge the status quo.
    • EXPANSIVE THINKERS who identify multiple pathways, solutions and opportunities for valuable change and improvement.
    • STRAIGHT SHOOTING consultants who keep it real and share opinions, knowledge and expertise to help others.


Reimagine HR wants our participants to feel comfortable, safe and confident to fully participate during your time with us in-person. So here are a few things to consider:

  • If you get COVID-19 or are required to isolate due to being a close contact, your registration is fully transferable to the next HR Breakthrough Experience. You will be contacted to ensure your availability for the proposed dates.
  • Under the current Mandatory Vaccination Directions from the WA State Government Quest South Perth requires visitors to be double vaccinated and you will be required to provide proof of vaccination prior to joining us.
  • We will ensure that safe physical distancing can be accommodated while seated at our venue. You can expect to be spaced out with room to swing a cat. Actually, please don’t bring your cat, Trina has allergies.
  • Refreshment / Meal breaks will be hosted outside to reduce risks when not wearing masks (that is, when eating or drinking).

Email us at if you have any queries or concerns you would like to discuss.

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