Services for Executives

We offer early insights, guidance and support to CEOs and their Executive leadership teams to assist in exploring changes to organisational design, business and people strategy, leadership development, culture and inclusion.

We help, when your senior HR team doesn’t have the capacity.

Our expertise, neutrality, and facilitation skills contribute to productive discussions, improved decision-making, and the overall effectiveness of your people and culture changes.





Unpack challenges and brainstorm solutions.

With a focus on culture, structure, diversity and leadership our HR advisory service is your personal sounding board. Our objectivity allows us to identify blind spots, uncover hidden opportunities and challenge existing assumptions leading to innovative and impactful solutions. This service is ideal for:

  • One-off engagement for CEOs who need a trusted advisor and sounding board to test early thinking or support strategic change.
  • Retained services for CEOs who need a trusted advisor for regular consultation.
  • Flexible access to specialised HR expertise when required if you do not have a full-time HR team.
  • Flexible to access consultancy and support for projects that require additional resources or expertise beyond your internal HR capacity. 
  • Consultation about sensitive issues, such as succession planning, executive performance or organisational restructuring.
  • Tapping into our extensive networks within the HR community, in Perth and across Australia, to access a wide range of resources, industry insights and best practices.


Magic that makes it easier to generate insights.

Help your executive team to overcome challenges, enhance collaboration and achieve better outcomes. Trina’s expertise, neutrality and facilitation skills support productive discussions, improved decision-making and the overall effectiveness of the team. This service is ideal for:

  • Board and executive discussions to improve alignment of culture, strategy, people and processes for better organisational performance.
  • Creating a safe and inclusive environment for open dialogue, ensuring that all voices are heard and diverse perspectives are considered.
  • Supporting conversations free from the influence of internal dynamics or power structures.
  • Managing group processes, ensuring that discussions stay on track, objectives are met, and time is effectively utilised. 
  • Guiding teams through structured discussions, problem-solving exercises and decision-making frameworks that lead to actionable outcomes.
  • Fostering collaboration, creativity, and consensus-building within executive teams.


Filling in gaps by providing specialised knowledge.

Optimise your team’s performance by looking at the HR landscape differently. Our HR consultancy service for executives helps you make positive strategic changes to improve culture, workforce planning and employee experience.

Our international exposure to different industries, organisational structures and leadership styles brings a unique perspective. This service is ideal for:

  • Accessing a deep understanding of industry trends, best practices and the latest research in human resources.
  • Flexible access to specialised HR expertise when required to help inform culture change and workforce planning.
  • Flexibility to elevate your organisation’s HR capabilities.
  • Tapping into our extensive networks within the HR community, in Perth and across Australia, to access a wide range of resources, industry insights and best practices.
  • CEOs leverage their time more effectively by delegating strategic HR initiatives to a trusted expert. 
  • Ensuring that HR-related projects receive the attention and expertise they require.

What We Work With You On

Strategic HR Planning

We help executive teams align their HR strategies with the overall business goals. We help you to understand your organisation’s current HR practices and capacity while keeping it real about whether your people strategy goes far enough to support your executive team’s vision.

Organisational Design and Change Management

We support executive teams who are navigating organisational changes such as restructuring or cultural transformations. We provide expertise in organisational design, change management strategies and communication plans to ensure smooth transitions and minimise disruptions.

Leadership Development

We help to assess current leadership capabilities, identify areas for improvement and create plans to enhance executive skills, such as strategic thinking, decision-making, communication and change management. We are transparent about the impact leadership may be having on your organisation’s culture.

Employee Engagement and Culture

We assist executive teams in fostering a positive organisational culture and enhancing employee engagement. We provide recommendations on initiatives to promote employee well-being, diversity and inclusion and positive work environments. We acknowledge how the behaviour of executives might be contributing to your organisation’s culture.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We empower executive teams to elevate inclusivity, diversity, and equity, fostering innovation, employee well-being, and sustainable business success through informed strategies and practices. We help you to level the playing field for marginalised groups while taking action to address the gender pay gap.

Executives We’ve Worked With

What People Say About Us

“Reimagine HR was recommended to me following a search for a responsive and dynamic consultant that could turn around a workforce plan within a short timeframe. Trina was very committed to delivering the project within expectations, promptly setting up key stakeholder interviews and delivering a report in a timely manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Trina Sunday and her team at Reimagine HR. In fact, we will continue our relationship with Reimagine HR with follow-up job design and recruitment services.”

Linda Kut
Chief Executive | Burswood Park Board

“I’m very happy to recommend Trina’s services as a strategic HR consultant. I have engaged Trina on a number of projects and I’m always confident in her advice and support.”

Micaela Cronin
Chief Executive Officer | Hagar International

“The Board was very pleased with her strategic planning outcomes and engaged Trina to help us with an HR transformation to create the most effective structure for the school.”

Barry Sutherland
Director | International School of Phnom Penh

“Trina Sunday from Reimagine HR assisted us with some work to understand the experience of our remote care workforce and provide advice on improvements that would drive retention. Trina demonstrated a genuine investment in this project from the start, quickly developing a thorough understanding of our business and the outcomes we sought. The manner with which Trina engaged with our workforce was outstanding, coupled with her ability to analyse, order and present the information gained resulting in an insightful report that informed organisational and process redesign. Trina’s work has enabled us to make a real difference in this area.”

Stephen Thomas
General Manager People and Culture | Amana Living

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