Be Bold. Do HR Differently.

This program is an opportunity for experienced HR leaders to step away from the busyness of the day-to-day to discover and embrace new HR thinking. Network with peers in Perth, exploring what other HR game changers are doing differently, and what they would never do again.

Our HR Breakthrough Experience will give you insights and tools to achieve sustainable, positive HR change. While having a whole heap of fun!

  • Overcome conventional thinking.
  • Join a community of HR professionals dedicated to continuous learning.
  • Hear from global business, leadership and HR innovators.
  • Transform your HR leader journey.

Breaking Through Barriers

HR professionals committed to ongoing learning.

This transformative program is for experienced HR professionals who see the value in personal growth and connecting with other HR game changers. The program is suited to:

  • Those ready to invest in themselves and commit to ongoing learning, self-discovery and growth because they know the genuine difference it makes.
  • Those who aspire for HR to be a more influential, valued and respected business function that powerfully drives performance and culture.
  • Those who see value in being strategic and business savvy in their approach, understand that this amplifies their voice and place in their organisation which is essential for people’s success.
  • Those who value the company of other HR leaders who spark curiosity, share insights and support each other to reimagine, create and implement a new approach to HR.

Program duration: 2 days
Program delivery: In-person
Spots per program: 12

How The Program is Run

This in-person workshop is held at a beautiful Perth location and comprises two days of actively exploring your breakthrough with a blend of personal, HR and business development.

Together, explore new HR thinking, concepts and practical tools. Completing your Enable-HR Profile and having a debrief session with Trina before the workshop allows you to get maximum value out of the two days. Engaging with participants in advance of coming together allows Trina to personalise your experience.

  • Understand your HR superpowers.
  • 1:1 session with Trina before you come together.
  • 2-day in-person workshop in Perth.
  • Network with other game changers.
  • Join the broader Reimagine HR community.

What to Expect

Actively Build Knowledge

About ourselves, human resources and business. We evaluate what makes great HR and get clarity on what activities and behaviours deliver the results you need. We look at the conditions that are needed for us to be high-impact and identify critical personal skills and how we can best leverage them.

Be Inspired to do Things Differently

Over two days, you will explore what global HR game changers are doing and look at what this means for you. You’ll identify strategies for getting executives to take a seat at your table so you can implement impactful change.

Enhance Critical Skills and Thinking

As a group we will tap into global resources to expand our thinking and share insights. We imagine throwing out the HR rulebook and how to do things differently.

Make Valuable Connections

You will network with a diverse group of HR professionals, making meaningful connections. You’ll become part of a community of people who inspire and support you, and who you can reach out to for guidance. Opportunities to stay connected include our LinkedIn group and networking events; you’ll be the first to receive invitations to events.

Delicious Food

Morning and afternoon tea for both days of the workshop. A fully catered lunch (dietary requirements can be accommodated if notified in advance). Networking Sundowner at the conclusion of the workshop. Enjoy drinks and canapés with your colleagues while overlooking the Perth City skyline.

Program Brochure

Get the highlights.

Download the brochure for our HR Breakthrough Experience and share it with your colleagues.

What People Say About This Program

“It is a fantastic opportunity to step off the merry-go-round for a couple of days and recharge your strategic HR mindset about the future direction of HR.”

Natalia Smith
Head of HR, Western Power

“Trina is an excellent facilitator. She keeps everyone attentive and engaged and asks really thought-provoking questions about how we operate and look to improve HR practices.”

Genevieve Brownhill
Head of People & Culture, Telethon Kids Institute

“Trina’s energy and passion to want to make a difference in the HR space is infectious and definitely helped in creating an engaging experience.”

Matthew Thomas
Executive Manager Program Delivery Talent/HR, Commonwealth Bank

“I so value being part of this group of professionals and often refer to my HR Breakthrough Experience as my breakthrough moment for 2021!”

Hanri Potgieter
People Capability Lead, Synergy

“The program helped me re-engage with my HR career. I discovered some of my own HR superpowers, and I feel reconnected to the profession again.”

Bonnie Robinson
HR Transformation, Murdoch University

Video Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the HR Breakthrough Experience for?

Experienced and capable HR leaders looking to take HR, and their career, to the next level. You don’t have to be leading a team of people, however the program draws on the group’s collective experience in leading HR change, projects and activities. You will get the most value if you have had some experience leading the conversations or actions in regard to HR operations.

What is a HR game changer?

People drawn to Reimagine HR programs are often game changers. These are  typically HR professionals who:

  • Invest in themselves and commit to ongoing learning, self-discovery and growth because they know the genuine difference it makes.
  • Aspire for HR to be a more influential, valued and respected business function that powerfully drives performance and culture.
  • See value in being strategic and business savvy in their approach, their activities and their behaviours because they understand this amplifies their voice and place in an organisation and that’s essential for people’s success.
  • Benefit from being in the company of other HR leaders who spark curiosity, share insights and support each to reimagine, creating and implementing a new approach to HR.
What if I don’t feel like a game changer but want to be one; is this program the right fit for me?

Yes! We meet participants where they’re at. This is your breakthrough experience and it looks different for everybody. If you want to explore new ways of approaching HR, and are open to shifting your mindset, then the HR Breakthrough Experience will help you do that. It will also give you practical insights and tools to help you make positive HR changes in your organisation.

Is Enable-HR profiling included in the price and where can I find out more?

Yes, your individual Enable-HR profile highlighting your hr superpowers is a core element of the HR Breakthrough Experience and you will have access to your own personal dashboard to complete the assessment and access your results.

Can the HR Breakthrough Experience be virtual?

Currently, our HR Breakthrough Experience is only offered in-person as we create a safe space for growth and relationship building.

How much is the public HR Breakthrough Experience?

Your investment is $2250 (excluding GST) which includes personal HR profiling and 1:1 virtual debrief, individualised development planning, two-day interactive workshop (in-person), ongoing community of HR game changers and more.

Can I pay in instalments?

Those who book in advance have the opportunity to pay in instalments. Full payment is due two weeks prior to the workshop component of the HR Breakthrough Experience. Enable-HR profiling will not commence until payment has been made.

Can the HR Breakthrough Experience be conducted in-house with a HR team?

Yes! We work with HR leaders to customise our HR Breakthrough Experience so you can shift mindsets and level up how you approach HR as a team. Click here to read more about how HR leaders are using our programs to maximise their impact.

What if I still have questions about the HR Breakthrough Experience?

Please email us at [email protected] or please click here and book a discovery call to speak with Trina Sunday.

Are you ready to break through old ways of doing HR?

Join our next program and become the game changer we know you can be.