Accelerate Your HR Impact

Experience our tailored three month HR Accelerator: a unique blend of coaching and consulting led virtually by Trina, dedicated to you feeling confident and capable about your work and career. 

This is a blended solution with part coaching and part consulting, and the focus is 100% on you and your needs. 

Focusing on both personal and professional development you get the self development insights coupled with lived and learned experiences, practical tools, access to networks and tailored sessions where you get to deep dive into the things that are most important to you.

  • Profiling and tools aligned to your individual goals
  • Bespoke online sessions tailored to your areas of interest
  • Establish networks and pathways for elevating your HR career
  • Ongoing support from Trina when you need to vent or get feedback

Maximise Your Potential

Elevate your HR credibility.

This 3-month program is for any HR professional who is looking to enhance their career and impact. The program is suited to:

  • Those starting in a new role and needing support during the first 90 days to have the confidence and resources to tackle any challenges that come your way.
  • Those unsure of which direction to take. The HR Accelerator explores your strengths, confirms your areas of interest and gives you clarity about the pathway and networks that will elevate your HR career.
  • Ambitious HR leaders wanting to maximise their impact and get value from learning how others are navigating the HR landscape globally.

Program duration: 3 months
Program delivery: Virtual
Spots per program: 1

How is the Program Run?

HR Accelerator is a one-on-one consultative coaching experience designed especially for you. For 3 months you will have dedicated access to Trina’s knowledge and experience, her networks and resources. To fully personalise your experience so you achieve maximum value, Trina will start with your profiling and work with you to set objectives.

  • Highlight your HR Superpowers
  • 1:1 personal objective setting
  • 6 x 1:1 mentoring sessions
  • Voxer access to Trina
  • Access to invite-only LinkedIn group, events and virtual programs

What to Expect

Support to set objectives

A 30-minute Zoom to call to explore motivations for doing the HR Accelerator so Trina can fully personalise your experience. This is supplemented by a development assessment, either Human Synergistics or Enable-HR profile, to support insight, growth and self-improvement. The tool used will depend on what your goals are.

Fully personalised sessions

You will have six 1:1 sessions with Trina via Zoom (60mins) over a 3-month period tailored specifically to your needs. You have access to coaching, consulting and specialist knowledge.

Ongoing support

Trina will be available to you Monday to Friday using the Voxer messenger app. You can bounce ideas, share challenges and seek advice depending on what you might need at the time.


You will be included in the ‘invite only’ LinkedIn group of HR Game Changers where you can connect with like-minded HR professionals. You will also have free access to virtual events such as webinars, roundtable discussions and masterclasses that are hosted on this platform during your 3-month program.

Program Brochure

Get the highlights.

Download the brochure for our HR Accelerator program and share it with your network.

What People Say About This Program

“Trina is a consummate professional, who can successfully translate HR interventions into meaningful and purposeful action to support business and people outcomes for organisations. She is one of few people who are prepared to challenge the norm through curiosity, something critically needed in the HR profession, and then be able to apply her extensive expertise and knowledge that is stretched across all functions of HR to problem solve and design human centred outcomes. Her approach is warm, engaging and she has always been open to learn and take on feedback, a rare quality. From a personal development perspective, through one of her programs, Trina’s support and guidance was pivotal in assisting me rebuild my confidence and provide clarity in my direction moving forward, something that I was extremely grateful for.”


Matthew Thomas
Executive Manager, Program Delivery
Talent Acquisition Operations| Commonwealth Bank

Frequently Asked Questions

How much 1:1 time do I get with Trina?
  • A 30 minute personal objective setting session at the beginning of the program
  • 6 x 60 minute Zoom sessions tailored to your needs
  • A close out call at the end of the program so you have focus and clarity on your next steps.
Can HR Accelerator be face-to-face?

No, HR Accelerator is a virtual program. This offers more flexibility for busy professionals to meet as travel is not a consideration. Meeting online also means that you are likely to arrive on time and can join from anywhere. An additional advantage is being able to watch recordings of sessions so you never miss a thing

How much is the HR Accelerator?

Your investment is $3750 (excluding GST) which includes 3 months of consultative coaching, 1:1 sessions, personal HR profiling, customised learning, individualised development planning and much more.

Can I pay in instalments?

Payments can be split into thirds and paid monthly (1 month in advance) for participants who are paying personally (organisations must pay in full prior to the program commencing). If an individual is booking well in advance of the Mastermind commencing lower payments can be spread over a longer period. This can be agreed with us when you register.

How do we stay connected in between sessions?

We currently use Voxer to stay connected to our Accelerator participants throughout the 3-month program. The free app allows us to engage via chat/messenger with capacity to leave 15min voice messages. Voxer can be very handy for venting, brain dumping, or seeking support over any issues that arise between 1:1 sessions. Trina is available Tuesday to Friday for this added support.

What is the structure of the sessions?

A typical session will have only 1-2 planned topics that you have identified in your development planning as areas to explore. These could include culture, workforce planning, DEI, psychological safety, building HR’s brand, etc. Trina will share insights and resources that might help you to dive deeper into your learning. The session then allows time for a free flowing discussion on current challenges you might be facing.

How long does the program run?

The program runs over a 3-month period.

Will my sessions be recorded?

Yes, we know that it can be hard to take in a lot of information when you are engrossed in conversation and exploring topics and challenges from different angles. You will have private access to all of your video replays which will include reference to resources, insights and materials that might assist you.

What if I still have questions about the HR Accelerator?

Please email us at [email protected] or please click here and book a discovery call to speak with Trina Sunday.

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